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Genuine Ford Motorcraft® Orange Antifreeze/Coolant Concentrated, VC-3-B, 4 Litres

  • ₦33,000.00

Ford Motorcraft® Orange Antifreeze/Coolant Concentrated 4-Litres

  • Recommended by Ford Motor Company
  • Orange-colored, longer-life, ethylene glycol-based antifreeze/coolant for use in gasoline and diesel engines
  • Provides year-round antifreeze, anti-boil and corrosion protection
  • A 50/50 mixture of coolant and distilled water provides freeze protection down to -34°F (-37°C) and boiling protection up to 265°F (129°C)
  • Use only when specified
  • Use when Ford Specification ESE-M97B44-A is specified
  • Do not mix different colors or types of coolant in your vehicle. Make sure the correct coolant is used. Mixing of engine coolants may harm your engine’s cooling system.
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of WSS-M97B44-D, GM 6277M and 
    ASTM D 3306

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