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Why You Should Never Remove Your Thermostat

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A lot of Nigerian car owners have fallen victims of removing their car thermostat just after they bought their cars. Many mechanics have ill advised car owners on removing the thermostats rather than having them replaced.

Before we proceed, let’s know some basics about thermostats and its function in our cars.

Engines are built to operate optimally between 80 - 95 degree Celsius. At this temperature, fuel also burns efficiently. The thermostat is the brain behind maintaining this temperature range. It sits between the engine and the radiator for every liquid-cooled car engine. Its work is to block the flow of coolant to the radiator until the engine has warmed up to optimum temperature, after which the thermostat then opens up to allow free flow of coolant

Removing the thermostat from any car is NOT a good idea. It simply complicates issues and makes things worse for your car. Removing the thermostat will simply make the engine to over cool. That is bad. It will increase fuel consumption, as the engine CTS (coolant temperature sensor) will assume the engine’s not up to normal operating temperature, and simply inject more fuel in. This will cause premature engine wear, as the excess fuel will wash the oil from the cylinder bores (bore wash).

Removing the thermostat is similar to a doctor removing an important organ in the body.

We stand to oppose the removal of thermostats in cars all in a bid of overcoming your car from overheating.

If your car overheats, kindly have it investigated to find out the root cause. If the thermostat is discovered to be the cause, kindly have it replaced. Removing the thermostat simply masks the problem and ends up causing more problems to the engine in the long run.

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  • Thanks so much for this wonderful information you just saved my car

  • Thanks for the advice, its a big help for me..

    Vic santos on
  • Thanks for the advice, its a big help for me..

    Vic santos on
  • Thanks Sir, I will rather follow your advise, to enjoy my car.

    Olufemi Liberty on
  • Thanks for educating on the importance of thermostat.

    Mr Seth Abner on

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