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Why The Obsession With 20W50 Engine Oil?

Posted by Auto Surgeons on

Virtually every mechanic recommends the use of 20w50.
20W-50 engine oil is no good for modern engines, regardless of the mileage. It is too thick, and flow to sensitive areas like multivalve cylinders, VVT / VANOS and any other timing adjusters that rely on instant oil pressure will be impeded.
  • Sludge.
  • Damaged timing chain tensioners.
  • Seized timing adjusters / variators.
  • Poor gas mileage.
  • Excessive engine wear.
  • Premature oil pump failure.
  • Premature turbo bearing failure.
  • Clogged PCV systems.
These are just some of the results of using 20W-50 engine oil in a modern engine, which has the viscosity of honey or tar.
Some are citing Nigeria's climate as a reason to run 20W-50 in a 2015 Toyota Camry. Rubbish! World climates are taken into account when engines are designed. What is so special about Nigeria? Texas, Arizona, Nevada are hotter than Nigeria will ever be, so is Dubai and tons of other countries. Run the correct oil for your engine, and stop assuming your Kazeem knows better than the engine manufacturers.
My old Audi S2 I sold with 543,000 miles on the odometer. When it was new and zero miles, the specified engine oil was 5W-30 or 10W-40. At 543,000 miles, the oil spec remained the same, I still used 5W-30.
Those saying their engines "knocked" after using the correct oil, that's nonsense. An engine that is on its last legs, with so much play in the crank main bearings, conrod bearings will run on any old rubbish.
Some unscrupulous dealers and mechanics will actually melt thick grease and fill the engine with the resultant heavy oil, to quieten a rattling and knocking engine, just to sell the car to an unsuspecting buyer. Of course this engine is dead, the moment you drain and replace the oil, it's the end. The destruction is nothing to do with using the correct engine, this was an engine that was already sounding like a bulldozer's diesel engine, that had the symptoms of crank and conrod Bering failure masked by introducing a thicker oil, which would eventually destroy even a healthy engine.
The average Nigerian prefers to accept 20W-50 oil as good for their engines, though deep down, some are aware it's wrong. It's easier to accept the cheaper rubbish than to shell out good money for the correct synthetic oil. These users are also inherently lazy, and couldn't really be bothered to search for the right oil, or import it if they can't find it locally or nationally.
But Look no further as we now have these oils in stock....
(Casstrol, American Mobil-1, Shell Helix, Motorcraft, etc)

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  • Greetings!!;
    My car is a G4 Mitsubishi Mirage model 2018, i used Castrol Engine Oil 20W-50, can i use 15W-40 when i the next change oil of my car?
    Thank you.

    Domingo Gonzales on
  • I have a 2009 RAV4 4 cylinder car.
    1. My car manual recommend 5W-20, 0W-20. I went to buy Mobil Super 20W-50. Is this oil the same as recommended?
    2. What is the right mixture for water/Coolant in my RAV4?

    Imeh on
  • Have you heard about viscosity? SAE ratings? API Ratngs?
    What part of Nigeria is so cold that you need the 5W to crank your car?

    Tunji on
  • The blend quality of oils produced in the United States are of higher standard due to the stringent conditions set by their regulatory bodies.

    Admin on
  • Hi, why the distinction between the mobil 1 5w30 sold at filling stations and the American Mobil 1?

    Kayode on

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