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Tips For Servicing Your Car After A Long Road Trip

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With proper post-road trip maintenance, you can minimize the wear and tear on your vehicle. Below are 6 quick tips to help get your car back in top shape.

1Clean The Car Thoroughly, inside and outside to protect the body and interior against cosmetic damage, mold and other issues.

2Check The Tire Treads

3Top Off Or Change The Fluids. Check engine oiltransmission fluidbrake fluidWasher FluidCoolant and Power Steering Fluid.

4. Check the Filters; Clean or replace the following filters; Cabin air filterEngine Air FilterEngine Oil Filter, and Fuel Filters.

5Run a Diagnostic Check up; to make sure all sensors are in good working condition to avoid causing other problems. 

6Test your brakes. Also have the brake pads checked out.  

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  • Wow ohh my GOD ,,,this is the perfect site to educate Nigerians and their cars,especially about choosing the right oil for cars,,sir GOD BLESS YOU, the way you talked about 20w50 oil Ehn,,I was so happy ,,roadside Nigerian mechanics thinks they know everything about oil ,,when they know absolutely nothing about oil,, ,,I had an argument with one of them recently,,he was arguing blindly with the car owner support him ignorantly when pouring a SUPER VISCO 20W50 MINERAL OIL,into an 2016 Corolla,,chaii I was so angry,,knowing fully well that the car in engine is a very tight mordern engine,,they couldn’t understand as I was explaining the viscosity oils them ,,twas as if I was saying rubbish,,,I wish you people can organize a programme that can educate Nigerian about their cars and using the right lubricant,,,both the mechanics and car owners,,thanks


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