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Car care calendar - Pt1

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Maintenance required 
Automotive technology has advanced at warp speed in recent years. But no matter how complex our cars have become, they still need regular service to keep them running safely and efficiently, and at full power. That means carefully maintaining motor oil and other fluids, items such as hoses and filters and tires.

Is your car maintenance schedule manual or automatic?
When it comes to scheduling car maintenance service appointments, the first and most important rule is to reference your owner’s manual. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations for which services to perform and when, and follow the car maintenance schedule for the kind of driving you do. For example, let’s say that under “normal” driving conditions, your manual specifies that at every 6 months or 6,000 miles (whichever comes first), you must change the engine oil and oil filter, and rotate the tires.

Many new vehicles can automatically alert you via the car’s various displays – or even through your smartphone – when it’s time for your next service. Less advanced systems are based on mileage milestones, while more complex versions rely on numerous sensors that monitor what’s going on throughout your car.

Regardless of whether you’re following the manual or waiting for your car to say something, it’s especially important to abide by the manufacturer’s guidelines if your vehicle is under a new-car warranty.

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