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5 Times you Need to Visit an Auto Repair Shop

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Your car is smart, with all its computers and sensors and whatnot. While it can often let you know there is a problem via the check engine light or another dashboard indicator light, sometimes it's up to you to recognize potential troubles. Should you encounter any of the following issues don't hesitate to reach out to us or a professional auto repair shop for further diagnostics and expert repairs.

Fluid Leaks

Nothing should ever be dripping from your vehicle. If you come across a puddle of something collecting under your car it would be wise to get to the shop. The most common fluid leaks are coolant, oil and transmission fluid, but it may also be from the power steering system, differential or even the brakes.

Weird Noises

There are many issues that can cause sounds that shouldn't be made while driving. Some of the more common sound related problems include a grinding noise when you hit the brakes, which indicates worn brake pads, or a whining noise from the transmission, which may mean it is low on transmission fluid or is suffering from worn needle bearings.

Strange Smells

If there is a lingering odor in your car you may want to get to the auto shop, as this could represent a serious issue. A maple syrup smell could indicate a cooling system issue, while a dirty laundry smell may be a sign of mold growth in the AC or heater vents. A burning smell often means that the clutch is worn out and needs to be replaced.

Odd Vibrations

If things start shaking while you're driving it is likely your car needs service. A vibrating brake pedal could mean warped rotors. If it's the gas pedal that's shaking there could be an exhaust leak. If the steering wheel isn't staying still there could be a wheel alignment problem or an issue with the power steering system.

Dashboard Indicator Light

Of course, should a dashboard indicator light such as the check engine light, ABS light, battery light, TPMS light or any other comes on it is important that you visit an auto repair shop for further diagnostics, as these lights are a sure sign of trouble.


Anytime you suspect car trouble don't hesitate to contact us. Our expert techs can handle any issue using state of the art diagnostic (for free) and repair equipment. Give us a call or leave a message to schedule professional auto service today. 

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