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5 Reasons Why You Should Treat Your Mechanic Better

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While some customers might treat mechanics with respect, others treat them with disregard. Whether it’s arguing over part prices or competence, here are 5 reasons you should treat your mechanic better.

  1. They are trying to make a decent living: Deceptive and crafty mechanics give the whole industry a bad name. People usually give negative reviews when mechanics or auto technicians gives an estimate. Many customers feel that the mechanic is trying to con them. However, the majority of mechanics just want to make ends meet. They work normal hours like an ordinary person and have family and kids. They are not trying to rob you.
  2. They will acknowledge you as a customer: If you are fortunate to start a positive relationship with your mechanic it can lead to a lasting friendship. You can maintain a relationship by not getting upset over little nuisances, for instance when your vehicle shows up late. As a result your relationship can lead to free quick repairs and advice.
  3. They work on very high priced possessions: Individuals put a lot of value on their cars. If you want your car to be worked on diligently you have to treat your vehicle respectfully. Moreover if you do take your vehicle make sure it’s free from rubbish and clean so you get it back the way you left it.
  4. Free bank of knowledge: This point applies to the inquisitive ones. If you’re eager to know a few things about your vehicle a good mechanic is better than learning from a website or YouTube video. By being respectful to them you are encouraging them to share more information with you.
  5. They work on something that you have no experience of: When you bring your vehicle into the garage, you’re indirectly letting them know that they are a professional. Therefore, being polite means you need their help. Moreover being annoyed on pricing and the nitty-gritty doesn’t give an auto technician a motive to repair your vehicle. Lastly, just because they have years of experience and knowledge doesn’t mean they will dupe you, so give them a chance instead of being dubious.

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