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5 Reasons Why Cars Overheat

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Below are some of the top 5 Reasons why Cars Overheat.

If your car is overheating, below are some tips to help you know exactly the cause. 

1. Faulty Cooling Fans: If overheating occurs when you slow down or just idling(meaning car is on and not moving), it means there is poor airflow to cool the engines. Check if fans are blowing. 

2. Faulty Thermostat: If you notice that the car overheats when idling and also when in motion, check the thermostat. If you also notice erratic temperatures, your thermostat could be the culprit. 

3. Coolant Leaks: If you notice your coolant level always drops and there is puddle of coolant on the floor, check for leakages around the water hose and radiator housing. Leakages causes a drop in the pressure along the lines and can cause water to start boiling. 

4. Clogged or Cracked Radiator; If you notice that overheating occurs when you are in motion especially when you are accelerating but stops overheating when you slow down, the culprit is a faulty Engine Radiator. Dirts and rust can build up inside the radiator and degrade the dissipation of heat. Have the radiator checked by a qualified technician.

5. Head Gasket: Do you notice regular shortages in coolant levels? When you check the engine dipstick, do you notice droplets of water on it or do you notice a milky substance on the dipstick? If you notice any of these, the head gasket could be compromised.   

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